Thursday, October 15, 2009

Maimy Lacks Compassion

I remember back when I was little.  When I was sick, there was no one I would rather have than my mom.  It could be that I was concentrating more on puking into my hair than I was my mother's attiutde, but I never remember her being gruff.
Maimy lacks compassion and patience when it comes to puke.  I will be sure in the future to make sure the kids know it is Maimy that is screaming,"You are going to throw up whether you want to or not!!  Put your head over the toilet/garbage/bucket/tupperware!!!  DO NOT throw up on my sheets!!".  She isn't very soothing.  If the children happen to remember this in their later years I would hardly want the blame.  I prefer that my voice remain even and sweet, possibly tinged with the sounds of warm honey. 
The nuggets have a deep and dark fear of allowing themselves to puke.  Each one will scream out like they have been stung by an army of wasps, chanting, "I don't wanna throw up! I don't wanna throw up!".  Ah, nonetheless, child, your body doesn't care what your mind thinks. You will puke.  In recent puking activity we have had Piglet puke on the new carpet.  Actually putting your head over a receptacle shows acceptance in their minds.  Farm Boy woke with a shriek and tried to pull his head away as I had him lose it into a diaper pail.  His disdain for vomit caused him to pull away and string the said emmission onto his pj's and sheets.  Paws, for a wee one, had enough strength to pull from Maimy's fierce grip, turn his head away from the garbage and reach for Mama.  Paws, Maimy and I (and our bed!!!) were showered with popcorn and curdled chocolate milk.  Maimy said some choice words and left Superman and I to bathe and cuddle the pale, whimpering lump of baby. 
Maimy didn't show up again for quite sometime..........that is until I found the bedding in the dryer, tangled in a damp reeking knot 5 days later.  Maimy was back and at her best.

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  1. I don't know if that was a post I needed to read. As I was reading about YOU being puked on, I, vicariously, could actually feel the warm, noxious and vile fluid making its way down my chest and into my cleavage (because for some reason that's where they always get you). So thanks for that. Thanks.