Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Halloween or MidSummer's Eve With Hef

While Googling Halloween costumes, this was the only non pornographic one I could find.

Maimy loves Halloween.  So do I.  We relish the scary bits!  Fall is the most beautiful and charming time of year. Plus, what's more fun than not being yourself for a little while?  Superman knows my undying love for this season.  Even though he doesn't genuinely like it himself, he likes us enough to get involved.  This year he procured tickets to a Halloween charity ball.  Maimy doesn't have a problem vamping it up.  I on the other hand, just couldn't.  I had to find away to keep Superman comfortable as thanks for taking Maimy and I.  So we settled on him dressing up in an OLD military uniform and I dressed up as his little lady from the 40's. 

The nuggets loved it.  Daddy looked like he looks nearly everday and they said Mommy was so beautiful.  (This could mean they hadn't noticed in the previous years of our lives together that I am friggin stunning.  I think they realized I usually don't wear that much makeup.  I kind of felt bad for my dowdy self.)

Superman and I knew that in a party town like this we were walking into a wet party.  And even though we had an inkling, I don't think we truly expected to find the lingerie fest that we arrived at.  When did Halloween morph from awesome, gruesome or even cute to a party at the Playboy Mansion?
If you can conjure up a mental image of me in a snow suit like the one from The Christmas Story, you will understand how over dressed I was compared to  nearly every other girl there.  We saw; Little Ho Peep, Poke Me Hontis, angels in their skivvies, lots of devils, a simulated naked man with what appeared to be a potato falling out of the crotch seam of his fake naked body suit (I have to be frank......Maimy found it hilarious.), Jesus with a prostitute, various playboy bunnies/hookers with pimp in tow, and a sailor (sailorette?) that basically only had her midsection (aka boob crease to pelvic bones) covered with her lycra sailor dress..........ah the list goes on.

Maimy convinced Superman and I that since we were the only dry couple there, we should just get on with the fun and act like we were sloshed.  So for the first time in our lives together.............we fast danced!  Yes we did.  Maimy even let the devil whip her with his tail while she shook it like Shakira on the dance floor.
Superman and I had a fantastic time.  We will never forget the woman that danced like a wounded flamingo, or the many crotch shots and leg humps we were so blessed to witness. 

I really do love Halloween.  I really do wish that it wasn't turning into Whoroween.  Seriously, keep in it in the bedroom folks.

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  1. Wow, that painted quite the picture in my head. Way to show them all how to have a good time dry - of course they were probably too drunk to notice your good example. We are going to an adults-only halloween party this year (first time in I don't know how long). I expect that it won't be much like your party - Mormons, ya know:)