Sunday, May 16, 2010

I'm Goin' To The Chapel And I'm Gonna Get Married

This is turning out to be a very weddingy year.  And since I have had occasion to attend recent weddings and and we just ran into Superman's best man, I have given pause.  I have have given pause to contemplate nuptuals.

Bob and I turned yesterday as the bridal party made their way down the aisle.  Truly we wanted to see the beautiful bride, and she was.  But we were primarily concerned with the flower girl.  Adorned in a cloud of purple, hair swept to the side in a tidy and elegant ballerina bun, our fair princess began her decent down the aisle.  Her duties were not taken lightly.  She did her best to stay with the other flower girl.  Piglet covered the floor ahead and her even fairer white/blond counterpart covered the rear.  Piglet's lashes batted.  They brushed her apple cheeks like butterfly wings.  Her tiny pearly teeth sparkled as she beemed at the attendees.  Upon reaching my seat, she sent out an 'air kiss' which I caught without much effort.  Ah, as far as we were concerned, the wedding was a success and it hadn't even begun.

Soon the vows were being spoken.  And that's when I turned on the water works.  As I struggle through the dark night woods of a cold hard nature that rarely allows me to show feeling in public, I wondered for a moment what other people are thinking when they cry at weddings.  Is everyone truly that hap hap happy for the new couple?  Are some of you weeping with a secret unrequited love?  Are you sure the wedding is a sham for a green card and you weep for the fear of deportation?  WHY are you crying?

I'll tell you why I cry. It happens to be for many reasons depending on the wedding.  This particular time I wept because I listened to the bishop speaking and I was rife with emotion over Superman.  I hope that he feels like I have kept up my end of the bargain in the last 14 years.  (Maimy would like me to add that we were married at the age of 10 for those math wizards out there.)  I cried a little at my sometimes sorry attempt to take our very serious covenant.....seriously.  I cried because when the bishop said that this marriage was for the period of their mortal lives......I felt my mortality.  So, I have to admit, that this time I cried for myself and not for the luminous bride and her sunny groom.

Apart from this time, I have cried for a variety of reasons.  I have shed a tear with a full heart because the bride and groom FINALLY found each other and I just knew they were destined for happiness after much unhappiness.  Maimy and I  blubbered a bucket at one wedding when we were certain that the groom was one of Satan's minion and we feared for the bride's future.  I've given a good bewailing over a bride's tender proclaimations and then snorted at the groom's blundering answer.  In a rush of judgement, Maimy and I showered a tissue during a second marriage when we were sad for the child whose family had broken up. 

As Maimy tends to be excessively self-centered, I would tend to say that most of our lamenting has had to do more with ourselves than with the bride and groom at that exact time.  We drum up thoughts of our own wedding day.  We become emotionally wrought over the profoundness of the vows and what they mean to us.  Sometimes, much to Maimy's chagrin, I am brow beating myself over my eternal damnation for being a shoddy wife.  So when all of this snivelling occurs at weddings, what is everyone else crying for?

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  1. Really? I just thought you were a huge boob! I know I am!