Monday, May 31, 2010

I Can Do That

I have recently come down with the serious 'I can do that' virus. I would show you all of my recent endeavors except I am too lazy I am too busy to take pictures and then download them. It would help me if all of you would assume that I made something at least as lovely as the picture above.

My sweet baby sister is getting married in nary a month. It has spurred me to begin stalking the blogs of many a creative woman. I have found that with a good amount of E-6000 not only can you stick any two objects together......the fresh scent of rubber and solvent will musk up your home. Nothing can say 'I'm crafty' any louder than that.

Recently I have permanently glued affixed various plates and candle sticks to make some lovely platters with varied heights. My most very favoritest one is a robins egg blue plate stuck to a rusty metal fleur-de-leis. I had such feelings of pride. I felt like this piece really set off my love nest. Topped with my most choice pieces of silver jewelry it became a fantastically handly place to chuck my earings/necklaces when removed. I fairly beamed with unremitted pride. Ah, as we all know pride comes quite heavily before the fall. As I lay propped on my bed of flannel down stuffed silk, waiting for my beloved to kiss me good night......he walked by, took one look at my materpiece and snickered.....rather, snorted and refused to make eye contact. When I asked WHAT could possibly make him laugh seeing as how I had not uttered a word, he said nothing. But I saw his eyes wander back to my awe inspired piece of art. I knew he was laughing at it. I persisted to know what was so funny. Finally, with damp eyes, he admitted that he thought that the stunning jewelry tray I had made, was infact quite handsome. He continued though, with......"It's so nice but it's kind of silly to have it in here. It's on an old dresser and look at your stacks of books everywhere. That piece is too nice for this room."

Ha, well I take that as a challenge. I shall make my room deserving of my astounding works of glass and epoxy!!!! Bahahah!

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