Thursday, December 10, 2009

A Difference Of Opinion

Yes, I will be insinuating that SHE (right down there) is me!  HE however, may or maynot be Superman ;)

While one nugget points out our gooshy parts, another has a differing opinion.  Thank you Fire for your kind words to Maimy and I.  You made our day. 
Maimy and I have been tandemly salivating over a cream colored wool trench.  We both felt like it was an article of clothing we could not live without. was more than I would agree to spring for.  Maimy on the other hand knows that Superman has a soft heart when it comes to her desires.  After dropping subtle hints, (I had to put my hand over her mouth in order to keep them subtle) Superman realized that what we needed for our birthday was 'the coat'.  Luckily because I refused to let Maimy give specific instructions, Superman was able to find 'the coat' $30 cheaper than the one Maimy and I spied.  'The coat' came home as our birthday gift, which we received early!!!
Before you could say 'Bad Maimy!' she had the coat ripped from the bag and slung across her slim, yet muscular (in a very feminine way) shoulders.  Enter the Fire.  "Mom, you look just like that girl on Mr. & Mrs. Smith! Well, except you don't have a gun in your garter." (No longer a problem, Love.)  While Maimy gloated in the glory of that well placed compliment, I screamed, "When did you see Mr. & Mrs. Smith?!"   The answer:  While they were home with Dad.

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  1. I promise to not complain that mine lets them watch spongebob anymore!