Sunday, November 29, 2009

Out Of The Mouths Of (Blunt) Babes

No, that's not me........   The machine of torture however is the Ab Circle Pro.   We disconnected the cable (dish) about a year and a half ago.  I thought I was keeping the nuggets safe from the depraved world.  I'm not....Besides the fact that they go to school with children of depraved parents (another story) they also see TV at their various grandparents' houses.
Tonight during Sunday dinner the telly happened to be on (boo).  Soon this contraption of death shows its ugly face.  The lovely lady (and piping hot man) are swooshing their respective tails back and forth in order to rip their midsections.  My lovely, lovely little nugget looks up into my adoring face and tells me with glee and no shame that I need the Ab Circle Pro.  Upon asking for clarification............Piglet, with the excitement of Dr. Rey on Dr. 90210, pinpoints with the precision of the mad Dr. and his felt tipped pen, the areas of my middle that could use sculpting.  I gaped at her, nearly expecting to see the black marks readily available for the plastic surgeon to follow.  Having my innocent little baby happily tell me I need ab work didn't really make my day.  If I were normal it may have even been motivating.  But Maimy and I are sitting at our tightest.....and frankly we don't care.  We will now be purchasing loose fitting shirts.....;)


  1. Piglet is a silly little nugget. And she has no idea of what she is speaking. You, my dear are skin and bones and not at all in need of an ab pro anything.

  2. I agree with Joey I'll be happier than ell if I look 1/3 as good as you do after having kids.