Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My Favorite Super Hero

In honor of Halloween, my super fave holiday, I thought I would post my all time favorite Super Hero.  Yes, her patriotism shines through in this amazing outfit. 
I seriously love Wonder Woman.  Great hair, snappy boots, small waiste.........and the ability to super jump and make people tell the truth. Ooo ooo, can't forget the ability to change clothes by spinning.   I spent hours pretending to be Wonder Woman when I was little.  I once made a bionic jump from my bed with such power that I drove my knee into my nose and rendered myself bloody and helpless for an afternoon.  I sometimes contemplate purchasing an outfit like that and wearing it all day.  I think it would really give me the drive I need to finish the laundry.  I pretty much covet her rope of truth.  I would love to take people out to an old wooden shack and tie them up and ask them all sorts of questions.  Bahaha......the power!
Yep, I'm power hungry and I long for great hair.  It comes so naturally to Wonder Woman......and this is why I love her.

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